Row Men Row

As sung at Northshield's First Coronation, October 16, 2004 (AS XXXIX)

	Row Men Row Across the Ocean
	We shall go across the Sea
	Come now for the tide is turning
	Who shall join and sail with me?

1.	First of all the northern lineage
	Dafydd and Gwyneth together stand
	Leading us to future glory
	With their son, Ian, in hand

2.	Next to reign Conn and Kassandra
	Guided us in word and deed
	Through fierce cold and raging torrents
	Sure hands for a proud young steed

3.	Therica and Sigfried recognized 
	Good service great and small
	By the hand of king and queen
	They spread great joy throughout the hall

4.	The wisdom of the peoples' will
	Did Cnut and Nina recognize
	Guarding us from winter's chill
	With fire and laughter in their eyes

5.	Belrix and Prism of Blue Rose
	Led the Griffin host to War
	In their mighty chariot
	As in the ancient days of yore

6.	Tarrach and Fiona summoned
	All the Griffin's orders forth
	Adding luster to the gold
	And silver treasures of the North

7.	Alasdair and Isabelle
	Led forth the Griffin in it's pride
	Marching to the battlefield
	Close by the mighty dragon's side

8.	Gaylen and Kalinda brought
	A smile to Northshield with their play
	For mirth and warmth within the heart
	Can drive the cold winter away

9.	Ellika and Tristan 
	Led the Griffon forth through sturm and drang
	Calling forth an Iron Host 
	With schlager, horse, bow, spear, and song

10.	Saeric and Yasmin gave honor
	When a kingly gift was made
	Four hundred Scrolls from Northshield scribes
	To Outland's crown in friendship's aid

11.	Leyla led her champions 
	To show their worth across the land
	Kenneth taught in war and peace alike 
	That one must take a stand

12.	Niklos and Aramanthra
	In the Peoples' name gave their Ave!
	To those who long had served the land
	Estne bonum Northshield esse?

13.	Elashava and Kite-date Denka
	To Griffin gave this council wise
	Seek first the truth that guides your heart
	Then sooth shall a new king arise.

14.	Isabella and Robert bid us
	To speak out with a clear voice
	For words and deeds justly fulfilled
	Let all the people now rejoice

15.	Leif and Astrid asked the griffins 
	To lift up song and sword and shield
	When great the land and great the people
	Great the deeds that are revealed

16.	Anne and Aubrey gave good gifts
	To those who gave work of their hands
	With all the people they did share
	The ancient treasures of our lands.

17.	Hrodir and Giulia called us all
	To take our places at the rail
	Raise the yardarm high aloft
	For with the dawn we shall set sail.

18.	Sigfried and Bridei behold
	These noble folk, this Griffon's crew
	All is prepared, the wind's away
	Now on this day, we sail with you.

	Over these wide seas we travel
	Gathering from near and far
	Sharing of our warmth and shelter
	Underneath our Northern Star

	Caring not for wind or weather
	Summer's heat or raging foam
	Proudly we row on together
	Loudly singing of our home

	Those who came before us taught us
	To strive with joy at work and play
	We teach this lesson to our children:
	To guide, to serve, to light the way!

                           )  Quod       )                 Ben Tucker
Owen Alun, OL         @    )__Navigum?___)     &       (763) 473-1964
Wandering Minstrel     \----------|-----------/  1625 Black Oaks Pl N
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